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Sharon Burch founder of holistic nursing ceHello. My name is Sharon Burch. I'm a holistic nurse and I direct the nonprofit organization called Awakening to Grace. "New Directions for Nurses" is a project of Awakening to Grace, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Lawrence, Kansas, USA. Awakening to Grace brings transformative holistic learning experiences to adults who want to be holistically healthier, wiser, and more effective at home, at work, and in their community.

We hold a viewpoint that while there are many people who are awake to the sacredness of all life, at the same time there are too many people experiencing powerlessness, apathy, bullying, and greed, as evidenced by the multi-faceted health crises that include economic and social barriers, large-scale depression, substance abuse, suicide, climate change, toxic pollution, biodiversity losses, and more.

We believe that the root cause of these crises is a disconnection from our universal human needs for respectful physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual connections with ourselves and others. We honor all religious and spiritual approaches that respect and protect life.

Our main project is New Directions for Nurses, where our focus is to inspire and inform nurses in becoming more effectively involved in making the health-impacting changes that the USA and world urgently need.

We believe that many nurses currently need public and private support in order to stay in the profession and practice to the full extent of their education. However, nurses are under siege in many parts of our current healthcare system. Emotional bullying and physical violence in the workplace, unacceptable staff-to-patient ratios, and a high complexity of patient needs are primary contributors to the national average for turnover rates being 9% to 37%, depending on geographic location and nursing specialty. These are also factors influencing increased risks for illness and injury on the job and a suicide rate among nurses that is significantly higher the national average.

Why Does "New Directions for Nurses" Exist?

We believe that nurses can be powerful change agents at home, at work, and in their communities when they raise their skills, their power and their voice. Sharon Burch formed "New Directions for Nurses" to contribute to that outcome.

"New Directions for Nurses" is new, having just launched in mid-September, 2019, but Sharon has been a holistic nurse change maker and an approved provider of CE courses for nurses since the mid-1980's. From 2016 to 2019, Sharon was the full-time Holistic Nurse Specialist for the American Holistic Nurses Association and she continues in that role as a part-time consultant today. That role allowed Sharon to organize live holistic nursing CE events across the USA, talk with holistic nurses who are working in all parts of healthcare, and empower and assist hundreds of nurses online and in person.

Sharon discovered a large group of nurses who have been working as brave and intelligent CHANGE MAKERS, bringing holistic caring into all parts of the US and around the world. Many of these nurses have left the conventional healthcare system to forge new tools and approaches, and others have stayed inside the system and planted seeds of change. Both groups are working for a sustainable culture of holistic health for all.

Help Us Reach 30,000 Nurses by 2030

Do you support our mission to inspire and inform nurses in becoming more effectively involved in making the health-impacting changes that the USA and world urgently need? If so, we can accomplish more when we work together. We invite you to collaborate, donate and/or volunteer.


We invite you to look at our site and consider if you or your organization might benefit from creating courses that we can approve for CE credit and then market for you and/or receiving an affiliate commission when you promote our courses to your networks. Send your questions and interest to [email protected].


"New Directions for Nurses" is in its start-up phase. We need evidence-based learning content that fits our mission and we need operational seed-money through grants and donations. If you have ideas about ways for us to receive any of these, please send them to [email protected].


An easy way to help us is to share our promotional materials with your networks, including taking them to nursing conferences and events. We also need help in writing content, creating graphic images and promoting our courses and CE course authoring services. If you have ideas about ways you'd like to participate, please send them to [email protected].

Thank you so much.


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