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To help others meet their spiritual needs, first start with being conscious of how you meet your own. You might already be aware of how you meet your spiritual needs, or you might not have given it much thought. To help you get started, here are examples of how I meet my spiritual needs.

First and foremost, I follow the Golden Rule to treat others as I would like to be treated, and the Q'ero practice of Munay, which is to love myself and others as we are. I connect with nature every day to remind myself that my body and everything here is temporary, to nourish myself with life energy, and to experience awe and wonder.

I practice the Great Principles of many of the world's great spiritual traditions: I do my best to bring no harm to myself or others; I honor my agreements and am true to my word; I don't steal; I use the life force within me wisely; I give more than I take and am fed by both the energy of what I've given, and the energy of what I receive; and I practice loving kindness toward myself and all beings.

I inwardly chant the holy names of God, listen to them in the form of music and kirtan, and dance to them whenever I can. I celebrate Life by trusting it and letting my heart be free of worry. I express my gratitude for Life many times every day.

I believe that Creation is not finished and that human beings can and do participate in Creation's unfoldment. I enjoy contributing my part. I open my receptivity to the Seven Sacred Directions to hear God's guidance for me. I align myself with that guidance, then accept full accountability for how I've chosen to follow it.

I use the Medicine Wheel as a map to guide my evolving consciousness so that I can be a healed / whole person; living my life fully and meeting my needs in ways that honor shared resources. I share my energy where I mindfully choose to contribute.

I do a breathing practice that brings me to conscious awareness of my connection with Source and fills me with life force and insight. I will share that breathing practice with you later in this course.

Through these practices, I meet my needs for love, purpose, meaning, and alignment with Life. I do my best to practice continually, but sometimes I forget. As much as I can, I consciously observe the effects on myself and others when I am meeting my spiritual needs, and when I am not.

Now it's your turn. What are your spiritual needs, and how do you meet them? I invite you to record where you are with this question today and put a date on it. My guess is you will find it interesting to revisit again down the road.

In my experience, after you have become aware of your spiritual needs, the next steps are to practice connecting with Divine Love and working with that energy.