Holistic Nursing CE Courses for RN License Renewal in All 50 States

Welcome to New Directions for Nurses, Your Source for Meaningful CE Courses & Coaching to Help You & Your Patients Enjoy Stronger Holistic Health

Nursing can be a deeply satisfying profession, but many nurses are insufficiently prepared for handling problems at work such as implicit bias and explicit discrimination based on race, gender, age, and other identities; violence at work; lack of protective equipment; unacceptable staff-to-patient ratios; highly complex patient needs, and stressful communications with patients, families, co-workers and managers.

We believe that the world needs nurses’ ideas, insights and skills to help solve its problems, and one of the important things that are holding nurses back is the scarcity of meaningful continuing education (CE) and mature mentoring that gives nurses clear, actionable steps to help them:

  1. Powerfully practice to the full extent of their professional license
  2. Communicate their knowledge and values with more skill and assertiveness
  3. Contribute to and guide urgently needed changes in their workplaces and communities
  4. Create and sustain break-through businesses, programs and services while living a life they love

New Directions for Nurses helps nurses learn how to be the change they want to see through CE courses with inspiring holistic perspectives, change-making methodologies and skill-building experiences.

Choose Your Path to More Holistic Power & Skill

  1. Interactive online CE courses for new and experienced nurses seeking positive change in their lives
  2. Mentoring for expert nurses who want to create CE courses and receive free course approval, course hosting and course marketing on our platform
  3. Business coaching for nurses who want to have a successful business that improves their life and the lives of the people they serve
  4. Affiliate commissions for the individuals and groups who promote our courses and coaching services

Our CE Courses Help You Learn How to:

  • Create safer, kinder work and workplaces
  • Develop healthier relationships with yourself and your patients, families and co-workers
  • Learn, model and teach healthy communication processes that honor all people's needs equally
  • Practice to the full extent of your professional license
  • Play a role in protecting our natural environment and living in sustainable harmony with it
  • Effectively take other individual and collective actions that are aligned with your highest values

At New Directions for Nurses, every course provides holistic nursing CE contact hours that can be applied toward:

All 50 states of the US

License renewal in all 50 states

American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation AHNCC

All levels of AHNCC Holistic Nurse and Nurse Coach board certification and re-certification

California board of registered nurses

CE Provider Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #17389.

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"I learned a lot about communicating in the Learn to Be a Healing Presence course. I will need more practice, but I will be able to be a caring, compassionate presence in the life of my patients and my family and friends."

"Working as a nurse in an Intensive Care Unit, I regularly am faced with end-of-life dynamics between patients and family members. Learning more tools about how to communicate honestly and clearly with people about their end-of-life priorities; how to effectively listen and respond to those who are struggling in a way that is mindful, skillful, and genuine, and how to be a healing presence are invaluable aspects of this course. I am taking away skills I'll be able to apply in my work frequently. I also intend to implement a more consistent self-care practice through being self-aware and self-compassionate when feelings of anger, fear or helplessness arise within myself while I care for others."

"The Enlightened Caregiver bundle has helped me to understand more about listening and being present and how to use compassion. I care for patients and families every day who are experiencing situations presented here. Sometimes they are fighting a long battle, other times they are finding out that the life they once knew is gone and this course has given me resources to share and has helped me to gain strength and confidence to have difficult conversations with my patients and their families. I have also learned ways to be caring in my relations with friends and family."

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Our goal is to bring transformative holistic nursing CE courses to 30,000 nurses in the USA and abroad by 2030.

New Directions for Nurses is a project of Awakening to Grace, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is a nursing CE provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #17389.

All 50 states accept nursing CE contact hours that have been approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing.